God doesn’t call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called

I first heard this saying when I was in my twenties. I had just been elected into a position in my church and although I was excited, I was also very overwhelmed. And I was young. How could I possible bring anything to the table with so many more experienced people around me? What could I possibly say or do that they didn’t already know or hadn’t already heard? Was I really called?

God doesn't call the Qualified. He Qualifies the Called.

Then standing in the fellowship hall, I lady walked up to me and said these words, ” God doesn’t call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called.” She assured me God had called me to this position and He would give me everything I would need to do good for Him.

She was right!

As I was obedient, the Lord began to work in me and through me. He gave me ideas that would just pop in my head. The people around me, taught me so much and I grew tremendously during this time in my life.

Each time I start feeling unworthy of my position, or I feel God is calling me to do something new, I remind myself that He will “qualify” me. He will give me what I need to do what He wants me to do.

So, if you are in a new position, whether it be a leader in the church, a secretary, or you are starting a new ministry, remember this. He will give me the strength, resources, and relationships to fulfill His plan. He will put the right people in your path to help you along your way. He will give you the words to say at just the right time. He will be with you every step of the way.

If you are feeling unworthy, Be Encouraged!

God doesn’t call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called!