About ME…

Do you ever just feel done with life? Wonder if you have Purpose? or Wish you could do something different?

ME TOO!! You are not alone... which is why I am here. I want to encourage you, give you hope, and help you SHINE through your circumstances! "How", you say? Well, with what has helped me - my trust in God, scripture truths, and relationships with my family and friends who have encouraged me. I want to SHINE the light of Jesus while SPARKLING a little along the way. (A girl's gotta have her Bling!)

Welcome to Shining with Sparkle!


I want to share:

  • * Encouraging words and scripture
  • * Relationship tips
  • * What has worked for our family
  • * Personal devotions
My Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11

I am the wife of an amazing husband of twenty-one years and we have three beautiful daughters. My priorities are: God, family, then ministry. I have served as a Women’s ministry leader for many years and am currently working as a district administrator for a non-profit organization. My favorite color is pink. I like to drink coffee while reading my Bible, spending time with my family, and creating craft projects I find on Pinterest.

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Life has not always been easy. We have faced trials, financial struggles, anxiety and depression. Our trust in the Lord has gotten us through every situation and made us stronger. A few years ago my life was definitely not sparkling. I was in a dark place full of anxiety, worry, and depression. The circumstances around me were daunting and I could not see a way out. I got to a place that I didn’t care HOW God took care of the situations surrounding me, I just wanted joy back in my life. I was not being a good mom, wife, daughter, or friend. I had to fully rely on God and he did not fail me. God provided me with a job, that I could never have imagined, working in a non-profit organization. Suddenly, I had my focus back and I could see light again. The transition took a little time (I’ll share more about this later) but my JOY came back!